Parent Observation

At Artistic Dance Unlimited, it is our belief that students work more productively when not being observed. Observers in the classroom may cause distractions or make the dancer nervous thus slowing the learning process. Teachers need the students’ full attention without interruptions or distraction to teach effectively. There are two scheduled Parent Observation weeks when parents are invited to observe their dancers in the classroom.

We have one week in December and one week in the spring when costumes are delivered to students. During these two weeks, we hope parents enjoy seeing their dancer’s progress and encourage you to bring cameras and video cameras to remember this special time in your children’s lives.

We offer closed circut monitoring of all classrooms so that parents may veiw their child’s class from the lobby. Parents will enjoy seeing their dancer’s progress while the students will benefit from a closed classroom. If parents have any questions regarding the class or child’s progress, the instructor will gladly speak with parents at a convenient time.